We Clean Green


J’s Maintenance and Maid Service recognizes its duty as a responsible business to protect the ecosystem through environmentally sound policies.  J’s recognizes that opportunities exist to promote use of sustainable resources within the cleaning industry and discourage wasteful or damaging practices.

Accordingly, J’s will:

  • Service/maintain machinery and refurbish parts to limit waste whenever possible  
  • Dismantle all unusable equipment and recycle all cardboard, metal, plastic, and all other reusable materials
  • Use reusable mops and cloths and avoid disposable materials whenever possible;
  • Serve as a community drop off location for used batteries and will dispose of all collected materials in environmentally responsible ways
  • Use environmentally friendly Green Seal Certified products purchased in concentrate form to limit waste
  • Dispose of chemicals in environmentally sound ways
  • Reduce total waste generation
  • Train all employees to adhere to the recycling guidelines/programs established by each customer at each facility
  • Manage and conserve energy and natural resources efficiently and encourage recycling and the use of recycled materials.


OUR SOLAR SOLUTIONWe have installed a 21kW solar power plant system for our corporate headquarters in Glendale. This solar electric generator produces enough energy to power four homes each day. For more information see the article in the Crescenta Valley Weekly.





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